The Amazon

Heat, Sweat, Snakes, Mosquitoes
Hard to sleep
The leeches know where I am
Feeling my body heat.

An ancient vault of Inca gold
Hidden and cursed
Just waiting for my eyes.

Then, the churning sound of the waterfall
At last - to be
Cool and wet
Clean and fresh.

Finally, ready to relax, I round the bend
I knew it was just there
But - I feel a warm shock travel from my gut
To my forehead as I see her showering there
Amongst the moss and flowers and hot breezes.

Was she startled at my strangerness
Or did we feel the same shock?
As my eyes meet hers, she forgets she is naked
And returns my stare.

I must walk toward her
Feeling our faster hearts.
We stand so close, the heat from our bodies
Spans the gap of air between us and draws us together.

As her breasts touch my chest,
Wet sparks flow from lip to lip,
Our awareness of the surroundings
Becomes dulled and focused inward.

Total acceptance
And desire - wrapped up in
A powerful, heated, frenzy of ecstacy....

I wake up to realize I've got to catch the bus in fifteen minutes.
The cat has to go the the vet today
And I have to go to traffic court.

To the Top of the Loft

Copyright © 1997 by George Clay
All Rights Reserved