Diary of a Corporate Bootlicker       

I am really feeling my power these days
Rode the elevator with the V.P. today
We talked about the Big Picture
He really thinks a lot like me

I'll be going far with this company
Nobody is going to pass me up
They love me upstairs
Because of the way I think - just like them

I don't really
But hey!
What they don't know
Won't hurt them

I think I can horn in on this other guy's project
I have to make him look bad
While making it look like
I'm looking out for the company -
That's the name of the game

Yes, it won't be long now
I'll be sitting in a big office
With my own secretary
A big staff - the bigger the better

I'll move out of the trailer
Get myself a big black Vette with a carphone
And I'll buy my old lady one of them furs
Then they'll know,
Then they'll know.

To the Top of the Loft

Copyright © 1997 by George Clay
All Rights Reserved