Les Enfants de la Niege       

The Winter has been long
I used to look at the snow and barren trees
Longing to go back to last Spring

I've gotten used to the cold, now
The air feels brisk against my face
The sound of the snow crunching
Is welcome as I walk along

We are children of the snow, you and I
It was the first thing that we knew

I can only wonder what we must have thought
While seeing our first trees.
What are these ugly brown things
That come out of the white earth?!

Always bundled up - or safe inside our home
Imagine what we thought when our first Spring came
Lying in our crib outside underneath the Sun
Watching life's green leaves squeezing out
Of the fingertips of those brown things

And the warm scent of Spring
Heralding the mysterious presence of new Life
And new Love

If we could only experience our first Spring again
With the awareness we have now
How we could appreciate its miracles
That so many take for granted

I am on the other side of Winter now
Awaiting the new Spring
Having already forgotton the last...
This Spring will be as my first.

To the Top of the Loft

Copyright © 1997 by George Clay
All Rights Reserved