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I'm getting ready to start revamping this old site - starting to put new photos in a new motif.
Here are some more recent photos when we took Ethan up to BU.

This Thanksgiving, the whole family converged on my brother Bill's home for a great dinner. On the left, my parents are posed with all 10 grandchildren. On the right, here we all are in Bill's barn around the dinner table. My mother and sister were trying out for a part in Bram Stoker's Dracula!

My mother's father, Joe Forsythe, is seen here at home - circa 1914.
My grandfather, Joe (left, rear), with a wild crew at Atlantic City around the turn of the century.

This is my favorite photo of my mother - circa 1939. When she was 12 years old, she was allowed to ride the bus alone for the first time into downtown Pittsburgh to have this hand-colorized photo taken at Gimbel's.
This is my father's father, Victor - circa 1906 with his sister, Wava, at their home in Mt. Airy, Maryland. I scanned this directly from a glass plate negative.

Here I am in 1954 in Mt. Airy, Maryland with my great-grandfather, George Washington Clay.
Here are my sister Susan, husband Staz, and newborn first son, Ben at Christmas, 1991.

My grandmother, Grace Forsythe, ran a little refreshment stand near the park for 40 years.
...and here I am with my friend and nephew Ben 'Bear', chasing 'monstas' in their lake.

This is one of the last photos of my great-aunt Wava from Maryland. Ethan and I, and my mother and father are visiting her here in 1988.
Ethan, the oldest of 10 grandchildren with his three cousins, Tori, Andy and Ben at their home on the lake

This is my girlfriend, Tammy Filia, and I at New Years, 1995. Tammy and I met while working at Legent Corporation in Pittsburgh. I was always shy about dating at work, but after secretly...
Here we are at the wedding of Paula and my brother Bill on May 5, 1991. From the left, Staz, Sue, niece Kristiann, myself and son, Ethan.

...admiring Tammy in the elevator for years, she asked me to go to a baseball game to my surprise! It's been over two years now, and the four of us enjoy a lot of great times together.
My dear nephew, Ryan, Bill's son - shown here telling his uncle a bedtime story

Tammy's Vincent is an adorable 3 year old here, very sociable - gets repremands for kissing girls in day care... more of a night person than a morning person and loves hippos and rhinos more than anything in the world.

Here Ethan is getting a fishing lesson in Maryland from his Grandfather, who he has always called Bubby.
This is Ethan's Shetland Sheepdog, Poseidon who we bought in 1991 as a pup from breeders who lived on a nearby farm.

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