The Great Society       

Just about anything you can eat or drink now
Has a seal on it so that we can't poison each other

I wouldn't think of letting my son walk to school
For fear someone might steal him
Or kill him for kicks
He couldn't walk anyway
Since the school is in his mom's district
Too far away to hurt

I'm not even on speaking terms
With those whom I've said
'I Love You' to the most

Gave the finger
To some asshole in a truck
You know, the kind you need a ladder to climb into...
Then realized it was Christmas
As 'Silent Night' came on the radio

The people I work with all wear masks
Like it was Halloween
So I come dressed as Helen Keller

My Love says 'I Love You'
Then fucks the man she hates
She said it was a mistake... then
Didn't even remember
Sneaking into the bathroom at my New Year's Eve party
With the stranger from California

Let's make paper airplanes
Out of Bible pages
Make jokes about God
Let's vomit beer on the wedding cake
And fart during the kiss
You'd laugh - wouldn't you?

Just glad my folks are still alive
So I can tell them I love them again
And that cutting stained glass is so much fun
That I can look into my son's eyes
And spring will soon be here

But sometimes I think maybe I should just
Get into real estate or parking lots,
Buy some fat gold chains
Have a wife in the suburbs to watch the kids
A mistress in Shadyside
A whore now and then to kill the boredom
And pray to the Pope that I don't get AIDS

A tear falls


To the Top of the Loft

Copyright © 1997 by George Clay
All Rights Reserved