The Sorcerer's Chest

...Here are a few photos of my single most favorite piece which will always remain in my personal collection.

The amulet in the domed top is a 70 carat, cut quartz gemstone. The glass is a mottled cobalt blue from Youghiogeny Opalescent Glass.
Both top and bottom are domed with a second layer inside. The inner layer of the bottom is a whorled design of triangles with a central pentagon.
Here you have a better view of the quartz amulet in this shot of the top of the box. Notice the design comprised of triangles supporting three concentric, but opposing pentagons. The star above the amulet is the focus of the design of the top.
Here you see a closeup of one of the five Lapis claw-and-egg feet. I first cut out each finger/claw from copper foil, then burnished each finger onto the egg in a hand formation. Finally, during soldering, with selective use/absence of flux, I achieved either the smooth or the warted texture.

To the Top of the Loft

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